Unit 202

The foregoing information is supplied to Riverview Lofts and I hereby certify that the information above is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorizer Screening Reports or other background reporting agency to verify this application on behalf of Riverview Lofts. This investigation may include the exchange of information from current and previous landlords, a report from a credit reporting agency, criminal background reporting agency and federal and state records of employment and income history, any misrepresentation may disqualify this application.
Applicant understands and agrees that he/she has only applied for a tenancy. This form is not a lease, but an application and offer to lease which may be accepted or rejected by Management. If Management does not accept this application, the deposit will be refunded within seven (7) days. Application fee is non-refundable. If Management notifies the applicant that the application has been accepted, applicant must enter into tenancy applied for or the deposit will be forfeited.
Management is a Fair Housing provider and will grant equal opportunity to all persons under the law. The processing fee for the renal application is $45.00.